Landlords & Tenants From Hell

Let’s be fair here. Not all landlords are slumlords, and not all tenants are deadbeats. Being a landlord is now a tangible reality for many folks due to very affordable home prices.
Owning rental property is a step to long-term wealth and financial security, but at what cost? While property managers add an extra expense to rental property ownership, is it worth this added expense in order to protect the investment?

8 thoughts on “Landlords & Tenants From Hell”

  1. Nanny74

    We had a landlord who got on our case about cleaning up the mold on the ceiling of our bathroom. There was fuzz growing on the ceiling due to a leak from the upstairs bathroom. The landlord insisted that WE clean it up when the issue was due to HIS property being leaky! Should’ve referred him to the “how not to be a shady landlord” links…

  2. Becca Buccigross

    I’ve discovered most problems can be avoided by a careful tenant selection process. If you set high standards (that are, of course, appropriate under the law!) such as requiring a stellar credit score and seriously investigating references, the vast majority of “problem tenants” weed themselves out, and you’re left with potential tenants that are more likely to be responsible.

    An easy mistake is to jump into a contract simply because you’re anxious to get the place rented. It may seem like you’re making money by getting someone into the unit as soon as possible. But often the costs you pay in damage to the property, failure of the tenant to pay rent on time (or at all), potential eviction costs, and the emotional toll of it all will far outweigh the cost of simply holding out until you connect with a truly qualified tenant.

    Especially in the Bay Area where the procedures for getting a bad tenant OUT are laborious and expensive, make sure you do your diligence before letting someone IN!

  3. Dee Dee Ligibel

    I had a tenant that painted every room a different, very bright color. It cost over $1500 to paint – had to use 3 coats to cover the purple, orange, etc. They also ripped the 4’x6′ mirrors off the living room walls, leaving huge holes. They took the carpet, drapes, smoke detectors, and absolutely everything else they could possibly take. I fired the property manager and hired a very good one. Thankfully, the screening process is much more intense, and I’ve had good tenants ever since. Believe me, you get what you pay for with property managers!!!

  4. Hi, this is interesting getting the owner’s prospective. Here’s a long-term tenant’s question. How can it possibly be that the on-site manager’s apartment (8yrs on job) Is in better shape than a tenant who has been paying rent on-time for 34 yrs, respects property and other tenants but gets “kicked to the curb” when it comes to any improvements. We are looking for a new space and when we find one will be moving. confused

  5. Hello Cathy! It could be that a landlord is compelled to improve a property once a long-term tenant leaves in order to attract a new tenant who may pay more in rent. Often times we don’t know what we miss until it’s gone, so a landlord could be stuck with a vacant unit for a long time.

    The on-site manager’s apartment that’s in better shape than a long-term tenant’s could be a condition of employment.

    I’m just guessing here. Just because something’s legal doesn’t mean it’s good business practice. Do you feel that any fair housing laws have been broken? I do hope you’re able to find a nice place to rent soon…

  6. Anna, Thanks and everythings legal I was just surprised at the treatment by the property management company after reading a few articles about the value of long-term tenants etc… Nothing is free and I would expect a rent increase after upgrades. They gave us a rent increase and NO upgrades! Now we have decided to move so just venting until I find another space which is not easy but still looking. Cathy p.s. this is the first time I have blogged!!!!

  7. Cathy, I’m sure another property owner will be happy to have you in their property! Keep searching on — the most diligent property managers say craigslist is the best place for them to find great renters. Please be patient and hang in there! (And thanks for blogging! I hope you have fun with it!)

  8. We need a few mother-in-Laws like that! I see if someone needs a bodygaurd! LOL he he …

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