Suspicious Car Reported in Neighborhood

This week I attended a community meeting where a resident complained that a couple she knew was pulled over by the police because they were reported driving around a certain neighborhood repeatedly. 

Now, when I bought my house 5 years ago, I sat in my car outside the house one night while I was in escrow marveling at the beautiful house I would soon move into. A neighbor noticed I was there and approached my car to ask what the heck I was doing there. Although I was embarrassed, I was also quite pleased with my decision to move into a neighborhood where the residents were in tune with what was going on and who was or wasn’t supposed to be there.

So, going back to that meeting:  The folks who were pulled over were said to be driving around that neighborhood because they were interested in a few homes that were for sale there. Yet, instead of seeing the police pulling them over as an opportunity to ask about the safety of the neighborhood, they chose to see themselves as victims. (sigh)

We need to quit our belly-aching about things that happen and look at them as opportunities!

One thought on “Suspicious Car Reported in Neighborhood”

  1. Brandon

    i agree with asking what people are doing. Tonight there was a car parked outfront of my house with two people sitting in it for almost half an hour. The fact its freezing out and they had there windows down and its night was suspicous. I turned on the front light and they drove off. People dont need to be acting like that anymore theres no reason for it unless your up to something you shouldnt be

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