Property Wanted for TV Commercial/Film Shoots

According to film location scout Wilson Wu, the “rent” or “location fee” earned by a homeowner for a film shoot is free from federal taxation as long as you don’t have more than 14 film shoots in a  tax year. (Check with your tax advisor to see if you qualify!)

Good deal, eh? Especially in this economic time when a location fee can easily pay for a whole month’s mortgage.

I’ve assisted location scouts with residential, commercial and municipal properties in the last few years. A few examples:

The filmmaker for the indie film “Once Beautiful Past” rented a home we had on the market, Hayward City Hall made some money by renting out office space for an evening, and a vacant closed-down fast-food restaurant in south Hayward was used for a TV commercial shoot.

Are you interested in offering up your property for a film crew to use?

9 thoughts on “Property Wanted for TV Commercial/Film Shoots”

  1. cary silberman

    Check out the hensley house mansion in downtown san jose. 408 826 1961

  2. Bill Quirk

    Would be glad to rent out my home.

  3. Anna May

    Thanks! If you have photos of your house, please forward them to me!

  4. Check out a place that has been used by Discovery Channel crews, and has been in demand by several Hollywood studios and commercial shoots. We are very selective in the type of show, film or commercial being proposed. We encourage films that are family friendly.

  5. Marie Lehn

    I would be interested if our house is appropriate.Do you need Address in the mail section or e-mail address? We live in Hayward.

  6. Anna May

    Hello Marie! So nice to hear from you! Please email me photos of your home and I will forward them to my location scout contact for future reference. (FYI, a film crew is very intrusive which explains why the location fee is often very generous.) My email address is

  7. Have a cool deli with plenty of cooky booths and atmosphere. pinball jukebox and stuff. This place screams film shoot

  8. Anna May

    Dennis, e-mail me some photos!

  9. Hello: I have a lovely house that may be suitable for film or tv commercials. Its a 100 year old Victorian house. Photos are on the website listed above which include contact information.

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