As a REALTOR Eyeing My Local School Board

Last week I made public my decision not to run for re-election to the Hayward City Council and focus on the November school board election instead.


Schools are ever so important to the vitality and success of our communities, both in terms of educating our children and preparing them for their futures. Schools are also of utmost importance in helping neighborhoods come together to keep our communities safe and desirable for families who choose to live there.

How is this related to real estate?

Real estate values are largely driven by the quality of the schools. Families are willing to pay more for a home to live in a reputable school district rather than pay less for a home and send their children to private schools.

Two news articles referencing my decision to explore running for Hayward school board can be found here: and here:

One thought on “As a REALTOR Eyeing My Local School Board”

  1. This said by a friend with whom I attended high school:

    “In regards to the Hayward schools, it seems to me that language is one of the big issues. To many kids, English is a second language. Also, as was my case, there isn’t anybody at home to help them with there homework. Maybe if there were a mandatory after school program where the kids could do there homework and get help. And maybe have field trips where the kids could visit local companies. Or bring Latino professionals as guest speakers to the school so the kids could make a connection.”

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