Perfect 80’s: Forever Young

The 80’s…perfect.

What I mean is the 1980’s.

That was when my generation came of age.

The nostalgia of the music, the clothes, the eyeliner, the….well, maybe not the hair, although I wish I had as much hair now as I had back then!

For those of us who came of age in the 1980’s, we may not be thinking of retirement the way we should be. Or perhaps we’re taking care of our parents or grandparents who are retired and need care.

Or if you’re lucky like me, I joke with my healthy but dramatic mother about how she better not give me grief or I’ll “put her in a home”!

2 thoughts on “Perfect 80’s: Forever Young”

  1. Awww the 80’s, I admit it, I, too, was an 80’s kid. And, I think it was back then that my mom hipped me to the importance of retirement. So, I started to save even waaaay back in the day when Prince, Madonna and Jacko were in their prime. But, I had the good fortune of a mom who was willing to educate me on a few key things, such as retirement. She taught me the importance of: time, consistency, patience, and the power of a penny and how those four things can make for a perfect retirement plan.

    Not everybody had a mom like mine who started teaching their children very young not to spend all their money in one place. For this reason, I think it is great that you are putting the message out there that while you may have not been putting away your pounds, quid, or cents long ago, it is truly never too late so long as you are still alive.

    Way to go Anna May! Keep it up 🙂

    -Laurie A. Santos

  2. Ron

    The 80’s were fun, on the whole. It was a great time to be a teenager, for sure!

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