Choosing Our Kids

(My Niece Gia)

Ever wish you could choose your kids?

I write this on the heels of getting (accidentally) assaulted by my 2-and-a-half year old niece’s toy block on my nose which led to a bruise on my face. Poor kid can’t talk yet so the only way she could express how bad she felt about knocking me in the nose was to cry!

Going back to being able to choose our kids:

Last night I had an incredibly rewarding experience choosing kids — well, teenagers in this case — to be Commissioners for the Hayward Youth Commission in my capacity as Hayward City Council Member. These young people are SMART and dedicated and I was SO proud of all of them!

One of the most rewarding aspects of the process was the people I worked with to choose the Commissioners. The team consisted of the following individuals:

  • HARD Director Paul Hodges
  • HARD Director Minane Jameson
  • HUSD Trustee Sheila Sims
  • Councilman Francisco Zermeno

And credit, of course, should also go to City Clerk Miriam Lens who demonstrated her skills in organizing the applications and interviews. Her efforts and the collaborative nature of my fellow interviewers also led to a smoother ability to choose the Youth Commissioners. It was all conducted in such a way that was very collaborative and inclusive and all of us panelists felt as if our voices were heard.

It was certainly a far cry from what I experienced two years in a row working with the Hayward City Council to choose (adult) Boards & Commissions members. Hmm, maybe I’ll elaborate on this later…