UPDATE: MY Own Loan Modification Endeavor

Today I received a Fedex package from my lender wondering why I have not yet submitted my financial information.

It made me suspicious.

Why would my bank care if I haven’t turned in the info? They shouldn’t be in a  hurry to modify my loan, right? They’ll miss out for allowing me to pay less, right?

So in my skeptical mind, I determined that they’re just nosy and want to know my financial info whether or not they eventually modify my loan.

You might remember from an earlier post that I had a couple things I wanted to do before turning in the loan mod paperwork anyway:

  • finish filing my 2009 taxes
  • balance my checkbook

Furthermore, I had doubts about my loan mod being taken seriously since I figure the banks won’t sympathize with folks who have reserves. (sigh) In my experience, the banks are more interested in accomodating higher-risk folks rather than modifying loans on those who are most likely to pay. Odd…

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