Education Mini-Forum, Part 3 of 3

Thanks to all those who attended our Education Mini-Forums in the last couple months! In June we discussed #2 of three things children need in their lives that cost NO money:
  1. High standards
  2. A caring adult
  3. Meaningful participation  
 Here’s what we learned from each of the three panelists:
The local high school counselor representing a CURRENT hands-on perspective of her experiences dealing with youth on a daily basis referenced several challenges, including:
  • attendance
  • attitude
  • how to act/how to dress, etc. 
The large company employer representing youth’s FUTURE employment opportunities gave us a blatant example of how “the bar has been raised” and that many employers inform potential applicants “Do NOT apply for this job if you are currently unemployed“.
And finally, we had mentor & mentee success stories to represent REAL examples of of how powerful it is to have a caring adult in a child’s life.
We conclude our 3-part Series with #3, “Meaningful Participation” and now leave it up to YOU to take the lead and get involved. In addition to getting involved with “Be a Mentor“, here are some local events and ways to participate:
(June Education Mini-Forum sponsored in part by Anna May, Greg Jones and Be a Mentor)

One thought on “Education Mini-Forum, Part 3 of 3”

  1. Monica Schultz

    I did not agree with the AAA representative when he said that the call center was moved because we do not have qualified candidates. I held a few call center jobs and it’s basic work and scripts are provided, no need to be a rocket scientist to work in one. most call centers are being moved to India do to cost not lack of candidates. It is much cheaper to run them in India then in the US. but aside from that comment, the event was great, thx for putting that together.

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