Fixing Up Our Home

Mod wedding cake!!

It’s been 6 years in this home and I’ve been very lucky. All I’ve needed to do was fix some leaks and paint the sunroom, add an exhaust fan to a bathroom, replace the kitchen floor and re-finish the deck.

It seems that 6 years is the breaking point for this house. So this morning we wrote up a list of what we need to do before our big day here at home next month. Here’s what we aim to do (or have someone else do) by August 28th:

  • Get the roof cleaned … or replaced?
  • Replace the wind-blown spark arrestors
  • Clean the glass-roofed sunroom on the third floor
  • Replace the doorframe on the back door
  • Pressure-wash the house to determine if we should paint all or just parts
  • Replace the bathroom window (I’d like clear glass to see the view…)
  • Get rid of more ugly clothes. Merging two adult households has been a space-challenge!
  • Have a professional landscaper come out and help appease our neighbor of the bamboo growth
  • Test the hot tub (smile)

The best incentive to clean the house is to throw a party!

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2 thoughts on “Fixing Up Our Home”

  1. Monica Schultz

    as you know I just moved in to a new place, I have finally finished the bedroom (well have two small tasks left) after much thought and hard work woohoo.

    The first thing I did was the landscape since we bought a short-sale the yard was horrific. I have a great person if you need one, knows his stuff.

    Once I’m done with the whole house I’ll have a party too :o) and yes you will be invited

  2. Anna May

    When will anyone ever be done with the whole house? It’s never-ending…

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