My New Business Partner…

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…is a man!

This weekend I’ve discovered how having a male business partner adds value to our ability to serve our clients when we show property.

Example 1) Walking out to the backyard of a home, I noticed an outdoor sink, which I thought was strange…until the “man” came out and suggested it might be for cleaning fish.

Example 2) Seeing tons of brown marks on the asphalt  on the street led me to believe that a very nice neighborhood had a filthy neighbor…until the “man” suggested that the marks were fireworks stains.

Example 3) He quietly pointed out to me how a retaining wall wasn’t built properly.

Example 4) He knew of a way to get fruit trees to stop producing fruit.

Of course, I’m a girl, I don’t go fishing and I don’t clean fish — and I’m not so juvenile that I’d do fireworks in front of my house when I know they’re illegal.

So! All this to say I’m so relieved to finally have “a man around the house”!

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