New Desk & New Business Partner

Some people really love their work.  Well, in my case not only do I love my work, but I love my business partner (and new wife), Anna May!  What a combination. 

Getting up in the morning has never been better, knowing that my desk is right behind my wife’s desk, where as she describes it “I can breathe down her neck”; not a bad thing.  Benefits of working together?  Holding each other accountable to get to the office, commuting together (all of three minutes), always having a coffee break companion, helping each other out whenever needed, the list goes on and on. 

Working together isn’t for everybody, but for us, it works beautifully.  Watch out world….

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One thought on “New Desk & New Business Partner”

  1. Greg Jones

    Here we are, three months later and still loving it. It is true, working together may not be for everyone, but it works great for us.

    Being on the same page about where we are headed and working with a common purpose is powerful stuff. We rarely get on each others nerves, and when we do, we are able to laugh about it (most of the time!).

    Bringing our own experience and perspective to our clients gives them a more rounded view of their particular transaction. What could be better for the client?

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