Schools vs. Property Values

In my most recent e-newsletter, I included a property for sale in Fremont that is going for about $390.00 per square foot. It’s a nice home, in a fairly new neighborhood, not unlike several Hayward neigbhorhoods. In Hayward, however, a “similar” property would be selling for closer to $210.00 per square foot (this is the answer to my e-newsletter question!). Why the huge difference? Mainly, the quality of our schools.

As a community, we here in Hayward need to give this issue more attention or the deterioration will continue. Your best opportunity to chime in immediately is by voting on November 2. Personally, I can’t recommend any incumbents for reelection. They have had their chance as community leaders in various capacties for a number of years. We need new leadership on the HUSD Board. Vote for ANNETTE WALKER for the two-year seat and LISA BRUNNER for the four year seat.