Treading Water—You are Not Alone

Every social or business event I attend recently has one thing in common:  people discussing their home mortgage situation.  It used to be that folks would talk about their latest stock picks.  Now, “yeah, I’d like to refinance, but I have no equity!” or “my mortgage just adjusted and my payment went up X hundreds of dollars per month.”  Many people are feeling trapped.   If you are underwater on your house please seek expert help from a Certified Distressed Property Expert about your options.  There are lots of options!  Nothing is more stressful than worrying about ensuring a good roof over your family’s head.   But you don’t have to try to address this stress alone.  If we learn anything from this most recent financial meltdown, it is that we should be knowledgeable about what our options are and fully informed before making long term financial decisions.   Please learn about your options before you make a long term financial decision.  We would be happy to discuss these issues confidentially with you!