What the Feng Shui Lady Said About Our House

(Update: Our Feng Shui Lady has indicated a preference to be referred to as a  “Feng Shui/Design Consultant”. Changing the subject line would be counter to our personalities. However, we offer the courtesy of the public correction regardless.)

A Feng Shui Consultation for Anna’s and Greg’s home:

“When called to Anna’s and Greg’s home, I first studied the floor plan of the home and did some offsite balancing and clearing. Entering their courtyard and home for the first time, the energy felt good, which is usually not the case when energy is stagnant, or blocked. After a complete walk through of the home (exterior/interior), superimposing the Bagua on the property, we then went through each area making physical adjustments, enhancements, and minor cures as needed, and notes for additional work to be done.

“In contrast to most places in need of Feng Shui, only minor changes were implemented, with the exception of the downstairs area in need of some work. The version of ceremony performed was simplified but as always powerful, with Sacred Blessings, Mantras, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Prayer Wheel, and other items. Intentions were set and activated in each area of the Bagua corresponding to each area of the life situations to be supported and sustained. After this ceremonial aspect of Feng Shui, the positive shift is usually felt immediately.”

Feng Shui, which literally means Wind and Water, is the ancient Art and Science that balances, enhances, and directs energy flow in a harmonious way, to promote well being and enhance every aspect of the life situations.

The Bagua the basis of Feng Shui, is the eight sided symbol derived from and with the trigrams of the I- Ching arranged in an octagon. Superimposed upon a space, it is a compass and core tool for analysis for all of the life situations: Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Creativity, Benefactors, and Health.

Feng Shui Consultation includes an exterior and interior analysis of the space or environment, incorporating the principles of interior design and architectural integrity. Balance of chi is accomplished with implementation of spatial concepts, balance and placement, colors, the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, wood, and enhancements, adjustments, cures, to create harmony of Yin and Yang. Other aspects are taken into account as well, such as the occupants personal energy, the environmental and building energy, compass directions, and much more depending on the type of Feng Shui applied.

Feng Shui Ceremony is a powerful aspect working on an energetic, transcendental, and quantum physics level.
This can be a very comprehensive process or simplified as desired. This intuitive practice of ceremony and use of ancient, sacred Mantras and other tools, aligns the space with Universal Life Force Energy. The space or environment is balanced to clear negative energy and to harness the flow of harmonious and positive Chi. Activated with pure intentions and cures (placement of crystals and other items as needed), and Blessed, each area of the Bagua is activated to support the areas of one’s life, as intention manifests into reality.

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