“He Said, She Said”: Too Many Cars for the Garage

Merging two adult households is a challenge.  We have been working to consolidate, streamline and simplify our lives as we sift through the “treasures” collected along the way.  Our most recent endeavor in the name of our simplification efforts is putting one of our regular vehicles up for sale.  We all know how attached one can become to a vehicle, so deciding which of the machines would be put on the market resulted in an interesting discussion.

"He Said" From the Cave and "She Said" From the Throne

He Said:  “It makes no sense to have three cars when we really only drive one of them and the other two sit.  Time to send one away.”

She Said:  “If you tick me off, I’ll need to drive one of the other cars. Which one should we sell?”

He Said:  “Well, my FJ Cruiser is the newest, so we need to keep that one (my caveman vehicle), don’t you think? So that means either the Mercedes or the Volvo needs to go.  Since those cars are your babies (obviously she has WAY better taste than I do), you’ll have to decide which one we part with.”

She Said:  “Oh sure, put the onus on me to decide.  Let’s both figure this out together, Caveman.”

He Said:  (Carefully choosing his words)  “Ummm, ok.”

She Said:  “Well?” (arms folded like a scolding Mom)

He Said:  “Let’s work our way through this.  The FJ is the newest.  The Volvo is by far the most practical, since it is four door and all that good stuff.  The Benz is the least practical (and therefore the most fun, of course). 

She Said: “I love my Volvo! It’s square, solid, trustworthy, reliable, all the great things I love in a man! But the Benz has heated seats for the winter and a convertible for the summer. Plus, you just bought and installed a hard-top rack for the Benz. So, because you invested in that hard-top rack, the Benz we keep.”

He Said: “That doesn’t sound like a good reason to keep the Benz.”

She Said: “Then let’s sell your FJ Cruiser.


(One more reason to sell the FJ: There’s no illuminated mirror on the passenger-side sun-visor.)

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5 thoughts on ““He Said, She Said”: Too Many Cars for the Garage”

  1. Patrick Barr

    🙂 why do you need heated seats in the SF Bay Area??? 🙂

  2. Bill Quirk
  3. Anna May

    🙂 To keep the buttski warm, of course!

  4. Men keep our feet warm, heated carseats keep our backends warm. Reading between the lines you have such a great relationship you solved this one so easily! The Mercedes is a given, it stays, because you both agree it is the most fun and the Volvo will be cheaper to insure and is the most practical. Greg..get a bike, be green and keep Anna happy!

  5. Anna May

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