Moving From the City to the East Bay

Monterey Blvd., San Francisco

In 2003, I made the decision to move from a beautiful 1929 house in the Westwood Highlands area of San Francisco to a condo a few blocks from Mom in the east bay. I bought the little one-bedroom condo within walking distance to home-cooked meals, even though Mom spoiled me and always brought food to me. At the time, I also owned a restaurant not far from my condo, so it was a quick ride for lunch or dinner there.

My reasons for moving to the east bay were very clear at the time. One, I owned a restaurant nearby and 2) Mom was close.

Shortly after buying my condo, I became restless and sought to regain the kind of living I had while I was in the City. Plus, I needed incentive to work harder and figured a larger mortgage payment would do the trick. So, one Sunday afternoon I went online and searched for available homes in the ONLY neighborhood where I wanted to live: Prospect Hill.

There were several homes on the market at that time, in the summer of 2004:

1) A little house with a white picket fence that I refer to as “The Grandma House”.


2) A huge monster of a house that I referred to as “The Asylum”.


3) The listing that didn’t say the house had a view.

YES! My dream house. And it was built in the 1920’s just like the beautiful Westwood Highlands home where I had lived in San Francisco for nearly all of my adult life!

I’ve known of a LOT of people who’ve chosen to move to the east bay from San Francisco or the Peninsula due to a change in lifestyle and/or because of the affordability factor being higher than the “415” or “650”.

My reasons for moving were for family and business and I’m glad I did it. Life has been really good to me and I have so many reasons to be grateful…