Bailey Ranch and Its Views

One thing I love about this business is the ability to enjoy the neighborhoods we serve and their virtues. Today’s visit to a prime neighborhood with my business partner/husband was a walk through the entire Bailey Ranch neighborhood in the hills.

Many of these homes have panoramic views of the bay and still others in the neighborhood have canyon views. It boasts its own little park and the homes are clean and new. Some of the homes back up to the new elementary school, for those parents who like to keep a close eye on their children!

It was a beautiful day today at Bailey Ranch. We were there for about an hour enjoying the quiet atmosphere. I promised my husband that we could skip yoga tonight since we got our exercise already. (I was pooped anyway.)

We’re curious to know if the neighbors of Bailey Ranch can guess who delivered each of our postcards to their doorsteps. Men and women, it seems, also have different ways of delivering a postcard!