What? I MADE more than that when I SOLD it!

Before I Flew the Coop: My 2005 Condo

How sad is the real estate business these days compared to 2005?

The photo shown here is from a condo I owned from 2003-2005. It is now on the market for LESS than what I MADE on the place when I sold it!

In mid-2004, I moved out of this condo to buy my house, leaving the condo vacant for 6 months until I figured out what to do with it. In that 6-month period of time, the value increased considerably and I sold it for a hefty profit.

Any stories out there about smart investments? Dumb investments? Any “I-wish-I-had-done-that” stories?

Loan Agent who represented this purchase: Jeff McGary, jeff@jeffmcgary.com

6 thoughts on “What? I MADE more than that when I SOLD it!”

  1. If we only knew then what we know now!

  2. Anna May

    Sandi, glad I sold it when I did. Good thing I held onto it for 6 more months trying to decide what to do with it!

  3. Jennifer

    I too believe that I am fortunate to have sold in December 2004 when the market was still on the upswing. I may not have capitalized on the top of the market, but certainly am glad to have not experienced current valuations. I sold my condo for twice the amount units are currently selling($327k vs $118k) – nuts!!

  4. Anna May

    Jennifer, sad, isn’t it? We were both lucky to have sold when we did…The building and neighborhood are still lovely, however.

  5. Kerry

    So, is the housing market still in free fall or is this the bottom. I want to buy a home, but I guess I am one of those on the fence. I did buy a house in 1998 in SL and sold it in 2004. Since then I have been waitng…got more time than money to throw away!

  6. Anna May

    Kerry, are you READY to buy something else right now? If so, talk to your banker about financing! Let me know if you need good lender referrals — I can recommend some folks that we trust and have used before…

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