The Dance of the Sale

Some similarities of the “dance” and the “sale”:
"He Said" From the Cave, "She Said" From the Throne

 She Said: One partner has the “death grip”. (In our case, Greg was almost breaking my hand while we moved across the floor. Much the same as perhaps one partner in a real estate sale doesn’t want to let go so easily.)

One partner also might come into the transaction hating the deal. For example, during our first group dance lesson, Greg walking in insisting that he HATED the cha-cha and that it was too pansy-ish for him to consider.

The instructor (a woman!) very astutely stated that we’re “not learning the cha-cha but something similar to what’s called the cha-cha”. Then we went on to learn the cha-cha!

Greg, believing that it wasn’t what he considered the pansy dance, suddenly got really good at it, shaking his buns and doing that twirly thing with his arms. Let’s just say that we walked out of there with Greg LOVING the cha-cha!

He Said:  Look, dance lessons are stretch for me.  Not something I had on my bucket list.  But I took the first step by showing up with an open mind.  Secondly, we went to the experts.  They know what they are doing, so gave me tremendous confidence that this dance thing was doable, even for the “two left footed” person.  The experts helped me focus on the important stuff, like having fun, while they worried about the details (mechanics) of the dance.  That is something we do in our business, too!

She Said: You were man-handling me. I suppose one partner in a real estate transaction can be a bit pushy too. Remember, during the tango after the instructor had you back off a tad, it was a much better dance for us?

He Said: Then you didn’t like that I backed off so you pulled on my tie.

She Said: It was the tango — I had to be dramatic.

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