Crime and Property Values

Crime and the perception of increased criminal activity has a significant impact on the quality of our lives in many ways.  If folks feel unsafe, they don’t want to frequent a particular city, area, neighborhood or street.  Fear of crime and actual crime are two different things, but both impact the desirability of locating your home or business in a community.  As an area declines, a vicious cycle of deterioration begins, perpetuating an undesirable pattern of decline. 

Local law enforcement works hard to stem criminal activity, but they need our help.  I happen to live in a very involved neighborhood, one where neighbors look out for each other and aren’t afraid to call the Police Department about unusual activities or concerns that may be or may develop into criminal activity.  This partnership helps keep our neighborhood safe and makes our neighborhood a desirable place to live.  It follows that our home values are higher than many other neighborhoods.  Every neighborhood can help keep themselves safe by letting local law enforcement know what’s going on in their neck of the woods.  

Police can’t be on every corner, but we as residents ARE on every corner, so let’s help them help us by being the eyes, ears and feet of the community!  You will be helping make your neighborhood and community safer, and helping your property values along the way! 

How can you help? 

  • Start a neighborhood watch group in your neighborhood
  • Let your local dispatch center know about unusual activities in your neighborhood
  • Start a neighborhood association
  • Put together an email list for your neighbors to communicate quickly about issues
  • Contact your City about what they have to offer your neighborhood to make it safer!

It’s up to each of us to make where we live, work and play safer for us all!

2 thoughts on “Crime and Property Values”

  1. This from a friend:

    “You may have heard about the guy who shot a rival at Chili’s last week.

    “He walked right pass my house. The police were standing out in front looking for him a few minutes later. I offered to show them my security camera pictures. They asked for a copy so I burned them a DVD. That’s about the sixth time I’ve assisted the police and sheriff’s with security camera footage over the years.”

    Yay for citizen vigilance!

  2. This post also from a friend:

    “Thanks for posting! I’ve actually had more interesting stories over the years. Like the time the drunk lady tried to make a turn in front of my house and took out my rose bushes. Only the front hedge prevented her from driving through my front living room, where I was laying down. After looking things over, I went in the house to call 911. When I came back out, she had taken off up the street. Her car still running, parked on top of my roses.

    “Or, the time I came home from work one night to find two kids sitting on my back porch phoning somebody. My dad was in his trailer ten feet away and didn’t even hear them. They ignored me at first then got up and acted like they were going to try and challenge me. Kids about ten years old. In my own back yard! Then they took off along side of the house. I paced them inside the house, gabbed my still camera and when they came out the front I said, “Say Cheese.” They turned to look at the camera then headed up the street. The police came by a few minutes later. They were chasing these kids down East 14th Street for breaking into cars. They were using the cell phone to work with their accomplices.

    “Then there was the Saturday I was watching TV in my front room, about 5:00pm. I have a large glass window in front. I looked out, then watched a program. When I looked out again my Chinook motorhome was missing. It had been stolen.

    “Recently my neighbor came by one night and asked to look at my security footage. A team, about five persons, came by, blocked up his car and removed all of his wheels. I ended up giving a copy of the video to him for the insurance company and the sheriff’s office.

    “For a while I went to work with a Car Camera running. Right in front of Comcast, on a busy street, I saw this car parallel park. A guy in an orange jumper got out of his car and climb under the other one they were parked next to. Yes, he had an accomplice. He quickly came back out from under the car and threw something into his back seat then drove off. I was waiting for the light from across the street, with the camera pointed right at them. I went in and told my supervisor, who contacted the police. I went out and looked under the car and, sure enough, he had used a saw to cut off the catalytic converter. The camera wasn’t good enough to catch the license but the police said that they had been going through the neighborhood making hits on cars.

    “I now have multiple security systems along with Bay Alarm and security cameras.”

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