Division of Labor

We’ve been melding our talents together to figure out what we should each be doing at work and at home. It has now been about 8 months working together in this capacity, a far cry away from when we worked together at the City. There, he would say things like “I don’t disagree with you” just to shut me up when I would complain incessantly about things I thought were moronic.

We make a great team, especially when he lets me have my way!

At home:

  • He’s not allowed to do the laundry. It’s his responsibility to let me know when he’s running out of clean underpants or t-shirts so I can do my womanly laundry duty. Plus, the last time he did laundry, the dryer was left running for 24 hours – hardly what our insurance company would appreciate knowing.
  • Whoever sleeps in is stuck making the bed. THIS is a fun scene, especially since neither of us are morning people. I can almost anticipate when he’s about to lunge out of bed so he won’t be stuck making it.
  • He cooks; I microwave.

At work:

  • I’m fine with him dealing with the more chauvinistic members of our clientele. Also the smokers. (That would include my own mother.) It’s also fun watching him take care of the little old ladies who think he’s the cat’s meow. It’s fun watching him in action with the younger ladies too. He’s so darn charming I want to just stomp my feet like a child until he pays attention to me again!
  • He’s in charge of the “big picture”, I’m in charge of “details”. (This is especially interesting when I start picking on him about little things.)

Watching my husband go from being boringly and steadily employed to self-employed has been amazingly fun! He was so accustomed to having everything done for him.

He Said: “That’s not fair. Mean!” (pout)