Change That Will!

Several years ago when I was experiencing some dark lonely days, I put together a will and bought a cemetery plot. (Yes, I do own land!)

That same will is now sitting on my desk at home as a reminder to revise it since I got re-married last year. My husband (Greg) and I have been walking by that desk every day for the last few weeks. He’s patient with me. He knows I’ll get it done. In fact, when we put aside some time soon, we’ll both work on the revision together.

When I put together that will years ago, I was still legally married to my still-good-friend and former husband Francis Luke, with whom I co-owned the Rickshaw Express restaurants and other Rickshaws around the bay area for many years. Francis is still listed in the will as being the beneficiary of everything. In the will, it says that even after our then-marriage is dissolved, it was my wish that he remain the beneficiary of everything save for a few thousand dollars for my brother and sister.

However, a lot has changed in the last few years:

  • My sister has since given me two beautiful little nieces. Pressley (the Happy Baby) is 18 months old and Gia (the Moody Baby AKA “Gia Pet”) is 3 years old.
  • I got re-married to Greg, a wonderful man who’s given me more than just his heart.
  • Francis is now Greg’s friend too. (Side note: When I first told Francis that Greg and I started working together, his response was “poor, poor Greg!”)

I better not get hit by a bus any time soon!

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