VA Eligibility Redux!

Many, many years ago, when I was just starting my civilian life, I was fortunate enough to avail myself of a VA Loan.  Having served in the Air Force for a few years, it was time to settle down into my first REAL house.  Purchasing a home in a new development, the sales office was very helpful in assisting in getting all the necessary paperwork together for the zero down payment loan.  At the time, this was the ONLY loan product that provided a zero down home purchase financing.  It would only be in the later 1990’s that no down payment loans would become available to most anyone.  Fast forward to now, and once again, getting a zero down loan is a thing of the past…except for those who have the benefit of a VA Loan.

Little known fact:  Did you know that even if you have used a VA Loan previously, you may still have zero down VA Loan eligibility?  Check it out!  If your previous VA Loan was paid off by a new buyer at the time of sale, your eligibility may still be intact!  We have a few folks we can refer you to that can help you find out about your eligibility, and maybe, just maybe you’ll be one of the few who can still get a zero down payment loan to buy that new house.  Of course, we are ready to help you find that house once you are pre-approved for a loan.  We look forward to working with veterans!