VA Loans and Why Our Buyers Love Them

Says our recent buyer/seller client LeRoy Francis:

Why go for a VA loan? LeRoy: It gave us the best interest rate. Plus, we heard thru fellow vets it was an easy process. It was very smooth for us. The hardest thing was dealing with the seller.

Why? LeRoy: It was their view of how strict the VA was — but at the end they were satisfied!
LeRoy Francis (US Navy, 1970’s)
Honoring our Servicemen & Servicewomen With VA Loan Opportunities
Often forgotten fact: VA Loans can be re-used!
At the risk of sounding “sales-ey”, we wanted to inform our readers of a great American benefit of serving in the United States Armed Forces: The VA Loan!
VA mortgage financing is still one of the best benefits that our servicemen and servicewomen have. According to Loan Advisor Russ Barto, here are the highlights:
  • ZERO down payment
  • liberal qualifying ratios (up to 50% debt to income)
  • acceptable lower credit scores (down to 620)
  • sellers can pay all closing costs.

Don’t forget the VETS! Please pass this message along to someone you appreciate who has served in our great United States Armed Forces!


Said our VA Buyer Client Heather Reyes, 2-time VA Buyer:

First time, 1997, no out of pocket at all, not even out of pocket for closing costs

Second Time, 2009: What stood out this time around was that although there was no down payment requirement, there were closing costs.

Why VA: Heather pursued the VA loan because it was (potentially) less money out of pocket and easier to qualify.