Stressful House

Have you ever walked into a place and thought “what a waste”? We experienced this when we visited a well-known historical property earlier this week.

Yikes! So much frivolity! Stairs leading to nowhere, rooms that had never been used, umpteen steps leading to a place three feet above your head, columns installed upside down, a front entry door that only one person was ever allowed to travel through, stained glass that little light ever hit and whole wings of the property that had been boarded up for years…

It is said that continuous construction occurred at the property 24 hours a day for 30 years!

You may have guessed that the property we visited was the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose.  I walked out of that property feeling tension in my shoulders that I couldn’t easily shake. It may have been due to being exposed to the fact that the woman who once owned the home was disturbed and perhaps I felt sorry for her. Or maybe I was just mad because I don’t have all that money to waste…

My husband, on the other hand, looked at the bright side of the home’s history. The former owner paid her staff twice the going rate at the time and therefore provided jobs for many people and housed their families as part of the deal. 

My argument was that so much more good could have been done. For example, there was one room that had amazingly detailed hardwood floor work. How about starting a trade school to teach people how to lay such a magnificent floor?!

One good thing about our visit to that “crazy house” is that this weekend, my husband cleared out boxes that had been stored in one of our extra bedrooms. The “Stressful house” visit we made during the week prompted my dear husband to make better use of the space we have in our own home.

Life is good!