Road Trip Day Two: Chico, CA to Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon! The only other time I’ve heard Bend referenced was when we had discussions about the Hayward Air Rally ending up in Bend! After we tried calling several spas for a couples massage necessitated by a long, butt-numbing road trip, we gave up on the and decided to stuff our faces instead.

One thing I noticed that Bend had in common with Chico was its monochromatic nature, so we decided to somewhat make up for it by having dinner at a place called “Boken”, which I joked was “ho-boken” without the “ho”. It was an Asian restaurant, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. My trepidations were akin to avoiding “fresh seafood” dishes when ordering in a  dusty desert diner. We arrived and what we found was a trendy, open-kitchened place where it was obvious that snazzy cocktails and beautiful people hung out.

We (or rather, I) ordered Lobster Gyoza with Miso Butter Sauce, Lumpia Shanghai with Prawn and Pork and Sweet Chili Sauce (though we couldn’t taste the prawn) and Thai Beef Salad with whatever “Nam Jim” is. My husband the Tofu-Eater ordered the Pan Seared Tofu with Korean Chili, Scallions, Soy & Garlic.

Unfortunately, the Korean Chili from the tofu (yiek!) killed his taste buds and he couldn’t taste or enjoy the rest of the food. That was fine by me — less for him, more for me! Save for the tofu, the food was absolutely superb!

One thought on “Road Trip Day Two: Chico, CA to Bend, Oregon”

  1. Greg Jones

    Good lesson on the spicy food..kind a like wine, start mild then work your way toward the stronger stuff. Still, a wonderful dinner and a real surprise in the middle of eastern Oregon!

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