California Youth Energy Services at Our House

On Friday afternoon, two young people (Mursal and Dorian) visited our home to conduct a free energy audit in our 1926 home. We know our furnace is ancient and we know some rooms need weather-stripping. Aside from the obvious, these youth educated us on other things that we could do to save energy.

This one surprised me:

  • Our hair dryer being plugged in sucks up energy even when we’re not using it.

One thing that intrigued me after reviewing our energy bills and comparing them to last year is that we’re paying 40% less for electricity usage. One reason we believe to be the cause is that we no longer work from home and therefore our computers are not on all day, not even in sleep mode.  Apparently, “sleep mode” sucks up energy too!

Back to the visit at our home. We’re really excited to receive a comprehensive report in the next few days. We’ll keep you posted!