The neighbors stepped up to help!

In an amazing show of community pride on July 23rd, umpteen neighbors of the Historic Prospect Hill Neighborhood participated in the clean-up of this early 20th century gem that we have listed for sale.

On behalf of the entire neighborhood, we wish to thank the following individuals for their sweat and hard work:

  • Walter Butler
  • Mae Garcia
  • Darrell Graham
  • Dee Dee Ligibel (Grand Terrace HOA)

There were other neighbors who helped too by offering their waste bins to recycle the green waste and we thank Mae Garcia for enlisting their assistance:

  • The Aprim family
  • Nellie Bordador
  • The Domingues family
  • Zina Fierro
  • Dr. Ralph Herndon
  • Sid & Syleste Jordan
  • Edith Macabe (& James)
  • Cathy O’Connor
  • Lacey & Ryan Sutherland

We were out there from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and hauled away FOUR pick-up truckloads of debris, filled up FIFTEEN of the neighbors’ waste bins (including three of our own).

Due to having such pride in the accomplishment, neighboring HOA President Dee Dee Ligibel of the Grand Terrace neighborhood drove by later that night and saw a deer munching on the greenery, no doubt attracted to the yard by the smell of freshly cut shrubbery. (Could it have been a blessing by the Sierra Club group that visited the property while on a walking tour of Prospect Hill?)

The lot of us got our necks and arms sunburnt, fingers blistered and had a good night of sleep afterward. Prospect Hill, this could not have happened without you! Our gratitude to each and every one of you for your contribution to helping make Prospect Hill beautiful!

-Anna May, Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association Director (since 2004)

-Greg Jones, Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association President