Part of marketing our clients’ properties involves generating interest among other REALTORS. We did so this week by attending marketing meetings where our fellow agents gather to learn about the virtues of each others’ property listings.

Between the two of us, I’m the one often stuck standing there in front of the crowd talking about the virtues of each property we have listed. Usually I’m half-asleep surrounded by overly-energetic morning people, quivering from the caffeine injection that helps keep me standing. Yesterday as I got up to promote our sellers’ properties, I gave the hubby “stink-eye”.  As I took the microphone, I admitted to the group what I had just done.

She Said: “I just gave my husband “stink-eye” because he refused to get up to promote his retail listing. I told him I’d cut him off for a week if he doesn’t do it.”

He Said: “I’m not stupid! I’m getting off my butt right now!”

Well, it got a good laugh out of the group. Really, our goal is to get folks to remember our property listings for their buyers, so it’s all in good fun and productivity. After the meeting, Greg was approached by several MEN as they told him “you’re the smartest man in the room!”