No, It Is NOT My Responsibility

We love to work with qualified buyers. When we say qualified, we mean that the buyer has been fully pre-approved for financing and/or has proof of funds adequate to close on a purchase.

Of course, there are also other formalities involved in preparing to show property to a buyer client for the first time. The buyers’ valid photo ID, acknowledgement of the different types of agency relationships, and a buyer-broker representation agreement formalizing the working relationship between the buyer and the brokerage involved.

Today a potential buyer client told me that it is MY responsibility to show him property.

No, it is NOT my responsibility unless we’ve entered into a formal working relationship with each other. Plus, this person didn’t show up prepared with his pre-approval letter and proof of funds either.

The agent-buyer relationship is not a one-way street. Agents are not taxi-drivers and door-openers. The best of the best truly professional agents are contract negotiators, market advisors, and protectors of our clients’ interests. Operative words, “our clients’ interests”. This means that unless and until a formalized agreement is entered into, there is no “client relationship”.

He Said: “The guy was just trying to intmidate you into showing him property.”

"He Said, She Said"

She Said: “You know how that kind of tactic works on ME.”

He Said: “Yes, I could only imagine…”

We all have choices on how we spend our time. On a day like today, we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon in Tiburon with each other enjoying a deliciously fresh sushi lunch. Life is good!