“He Said-She Said”: It Depends on Your Perspective

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Ok, so we have a new listing on a corner property.  One of my caveman duties in this partnership is to put up the signs at our listings, you know, the ones that everyone drives by to get the phone number off of.  Anyhow, today I put the sign up, after a great deal of hammering, pounding, etc. to get the thing in the ground securely (sigh).  As we drove away, Anna said “You can’t see the sign when driving from this direction.  You angled the sign wrong!”.  I replied “Yes you can, I put it at an angle so you can see if from all directions”.  I’ll confess, when looking straight at the corner, you can’t see either flat surface of the sign, but it is only momentarily invisible….

I’m just guessing, but I bet I move the sign at least once to get it right….at least from her perspective.

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