No More Meth Lab in the Bath Tub

"He Said, She Said"

We recently had our bathtub refinished in time for Halloween party guests. It no longer looks like a methamphetamine lab as a result of the Mister’s shaving cream eating away at the enamel. Okay-okay, I don’t know what a meth lab looks like but I’m trying to make a point here. I have been blaming my husband for the state of the bathtub.

He Said: “It wan’t my shaving cream’s fault. It is an old bathtub.”

She Said: “Never had the bathtub problem until after we got married!”

He Said: “Right. And the dust-bunnies were never there before I moved in either, were they?”

We spent $625 on refinishing the bathtub.  Assuming the bathtub was refinished in 2004 before the house was purchased, I figure we’ll have another 7 years worth of a “meth lab-free atmosphere”. That equals $7.44 per month for the next 7 years, or sooner if the mister’s shaving cream is the culprit for speeding up the process of enamel disintegration.

We figure we’ll get our money’s worth out of the job before we remodel the whole bathroom!

Note: For those feng-shui fanatics out there, the bathtub is located in the “wealth” section of the ba-gua. So we basically invested in our own financial future.