Job Satisfaction

We recently had the opportunity to help a first time home buyer client realize her dream of owning her own home.  This amazing woman is setting a great example for her daughter on how to work hard, save your money, and invest in a home as a place to live, not as a commodity.  The process was new for her, and one of the most satisfying parts of our job is helping people through what is a more and more complex maze of paperwork.  In this case, numerous obstacles were overcome to get the deal done, and she is now the proud new owner of a place she and her family can call home. 

I am sure this story is repeated on a daily basis all around our country, but being personally involved in making it happen gives me incredible satisfaction as well as hope for the continued strength of our wonderful country.  As my Dad used to say, our country and its government aren’t perfect, but it is the best damn system humans have ever created.  Yes, Dad, you were right.   While things get screwed up, people fail, we take things to the extremes, and there will always be those who lie, cheat and steal and still sleep at night, most of us live by a different code.   Thank goodness for people like our client.