To Broker or Not to Broker, That is the ?

"He Said, She Said"

I’ve now been in the “world of real estate” for the past year.  Some interesting lessons learned along the way to be sure;  not the academic kind but the bumps and bruises kind. 

She Said:  “You should  start working on your broker’s license in case I kick the bucket”. 

He Said:  “Pleasant.  What a motivator”. 

She Said:  “Seriously…since we own the business together, you need to be able to run it.  You need to be a broker.”

He (thinking):  Wait a second…what happened to the team concept where we bring complementary but unique talentsOk, guys, we have all retreated to our caves and forgotten our better halves when killing our dinner, yes?  I guess we aren’t always a team due to my knuckle dragging handicap and frequent inability to convert grunts into meaningful articulation.

See, I am currently what I guess you could call an apprentice (sales associate)…I know just enough to be dangerous. 

My broker (and wife) work hard to keep me in line, which is no small feat.  So, now I am pouring over more Kaplan books for my required five additional real estate courses so I can take the State exam to become a broker.  So then my wife will no longer “lord” over me  (hahaha). 

Stay tuned…this blog is going tokeep me accountable to my goals on this….

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2 thoughts on “To Broker or Not to Broker, That is the ?”

  1. Greg Jones

    I am on Chapter 4 of “Real Estate Finance”. Uggh. It’s a good thing the practice of real estate is nothing like the books I have to read,or I would be doing something totally different!

  2. Greg Jones

    So, tomorrow is my first exam to complete the Real Estate Finance class, the first of five classes required to then take my California Broker’s License exam. This stuff is pretty dry, but I am actually learning a few things…it’s nice to know an old fart like me can still learn a thing or two…

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