Tips to Protecting Your Neighbors’ Property Values:

She Said: Here are some rules we all learned in Kindergarten:

  1. No bad-mouthing your city
  2. No complaining about your neighborhood
  3. No criticizing what improvements your neighbors are making
  4. No complaining about the “types” of neighbors you have…or their dogs…or their kids

He Said: How about we focus on the positives!!!

  1. When a property in your neighborhood is for sale, talk it up! Spread the word about a home for sale and get your friends and family to consider moving in!
  2. When people who don’t belong are hanging around, call the authorities! Lots of crimes are stunted because neighbors are watching.
  3. Shop and spend your money locally to support neighborhood businesses (which in turn support the services we all need, i.e. police and fire, street maintenance, etc.)

Any other ideas out there?