No Sympathy If You’re On Time!

If you’re a California homeowner struggling to make your mortgage payments…” starts the recording when I called “Keep Your Home California” today at (888) 954-5337.

What does one consider to be a struggle? Lower income than when the home was purchased?


Savings being dipped into to pay the bills?


Behind on mortgage payments?


A while back I blogged about making myself a test case for a loan modification. I was turned down twice! I’ve never been late on mortgage payments and all the bills have been paid on time. Now that my husband is in charge of all the bills, they’re STILL paid on time every month.

So why don’t the lenders want to assist? It’s because they’re still getting their money out of us every month. The loan is at 6.375% interest. Pretty darn good return on their money, eh?

What if we stop paying the mortgage? THEN they’ll pay attention! I don’t qualify for this federally funded Keep Your Home California program. Here’s why:

  • I’m not collecting unemployment benefits. (Here I’m using “I” vs. “we” because the hubby is not on the loan. We got married only a year and a half ago. He often rolls his eyes about the possibilitly of getting kicked out by my family should I kick the bucket.)
  • We’re current on mortgage payments.
  • We can afford the mortgage payments (for now).
  • We can afford to stay in the home.

Where’s the love? Must we exhaust all our resources before we’re offered relief? (sigh)