4th of July at the Seniors’ Neighborhood

"He Said, She Said"

As has been tradition for the past couple of summers, Anna and I help out with the 4th of July BBQ at Hayward Mobile Country Club.  I spend a couple of hours grilling hamburgers and hot dogs with my buddy Wayne and Anna works on serving up the various dishes that accompany the main course.  Mary and Elaine, our dear friends are the real reason we go help out, along with getting to meet the many, many wonderful people that reside there.

I realized that in a five short years, I will be eligible to move in to such a “senior” park.  As Wayne and I drove around the place in his golf cart, delivering the grill and other items back to Mary’s place, I thought to myself “I could live here!”.  Folks take pride in their places, people sit on their front porches and actually wave at each other, and neighbors pitch in to help each other out…sounds great, doesn’t it?

She Said: “Come on, be honest. You just loved that the ladies paid so much attention to you — you and Wayne both!”

He Said:  “Who doesn’t like a little attention?  As I recall it, the gentlemen in the room were commenting on the “dish serving up the dishes”, speaking of you of course.