What Makes a Senior a “Senior”?

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This weekend we celebrated the 50th birthday of my husband and business partner, Mr. Greg Jones (written tongue-in-cheek). Over the last few months as he approached 50, it seemed that he was focusing more on his health and retirement discussions than ever before. I must admit, it annoyed me. I’m nowhere near retirement age and the thought of retiring bores me … to near death!

Maybe I was annoyed for other reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that I am not yet of retirement age. For example, my first husband of 14+ years (still a dear friend) retired back in 2006 in his early 50s. He still had so much to offer the world and yet chose to spend his time on “retirement” activities AKA “enjoying life”. What??? (We ran a business together too so maybe working with me exhausted the poor guy.)

Luckily, Greg and I just took over our small real estate office brokerage last summer and retirement is nowhere on the horizon for us. Plus, as newlyweds of almost two years, we’re planning on starting new endeavors with each other still, such as his 50th birthday gift of the go-ahead to get a puppy. (Don’t all little boys want puppies?)

Going back to the subject line. Every single day we run into vibrant, active people who are in their 50s, 60s, even folks in their 70s.


“Why on earth would they want to retire?”, I often think to myself. They are incredible mentors, contributors to society, role models. Many of them say that nobody wants to hire them because of their age. That upsets me too, because I know there is still so much they have to offer!

So I say to you this: “The real estate business is a great business to get into.” It’s fun, it’s flexible, it’s rewarding. It is certainly NOT intended to be a retirement job but is indeed a serious business. Folks who have a lot to offer still find this business to be a perfect fit. The average age of a REALTOR is in the mid-50s even though the average age of today’s homebuyer is around 30 years old. We can all continue to learn from each other…

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One thought on “What Makes a Senior a “Senior”?”

  1. Al


    Thank you for an interesting perspective on retiring. I think that the definition of retirement is changing especially for those of us who have worked with our brains more than with our backs. My retirement will be a lot different than my Dad’s was. He worked in an automobile factory and did tough physical work. He earned a good living but I don’t think he ever ‘enjoyed’ his work the way that some of us do today, especially those of us in the ‘helping’ professions.

    I’ve retired a few times now and have always gone back because I love what I do and have spent a good deal of my life developing expertise and a passion for helping people. That said, I will likely leave the 60-70 hour a week grind of working for a coporation to spend more time enjoying grandkids, traveling, and hopefully serving the community. My knowledge and skills are just as valuable when contributed to our community as when used for a corporation and the hours are more acceptable and varied.


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