Part 2: The Prissy Girl’s Guide to Adopting a Big Dog

Yesterday’s post wasn’t exactly the start of a “Guide” to adopting a dog but more of a lamentation of why I haven’t had one in my adult life. So from now on, I’ll refer to my posts as an offering of “tips” to adopting a big dog.

First, if you do NOT want a dog but still want to do good by rescuing an animal from the shelter (known in ancient times as “the pound”), then try Tip Number One:

Visit your local animal shelter.

Seems almost counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? When I visited the animal shelter on Saturday, I was in tears the whole time I was there. All these beautiful creatures looking up at you with those sad eyes. How could this be? Reading the intake notes on each kennel, I saw that many of them were strays and others were found at what’s called the “night-drop”. There is no way that any human being with a heart could’ve walked out of that place WITHOUT adopting an animal.

Right now I’m spending time at home with our big dog Rex, making sure he knows where to pee (and where NOT to pee!). We picked him up from the animal hospital late this afternoon where got snipped, which unfortunately for him was a condition of the adoption. He’s slowly coming out of his drugged stupor…