A Weekend of Negotiating, Touring and Barf

This weekend in a fine display of dividing labor between spouses, we showed property to a buyer client, negotiated 10-year-old Rottweilerfor a seller client AND worked on home improvement.

For starters, the entire week was spent cleaning up after our barfy Rottweiler who couldn’t hold his food down, presumably a result of eating cat poop from one of our nightly walks. There were several sleepless nights and crankiness as we woke up to the sound of the mutt hacking before Greg and I negotiated who would clean up the mess each time.

Saturday morning the day started with poor Greg showing a short sale home to a buyer. As it was reported to me, the house had carpeting that must have had 50 barf stains on the floors! After the week he had, no wonder Greg seemed so irritable when he finally came back. He was so grossed out that he wouldn’t look me in the eye upon his return. (I thought he was mad at me for not being the one to show the house. Ew.)

For the rest of Saturday afternoon, Greg spent the day working out his frustrations by being the Caveman that he is. He went outside pulled up boards from our deck as part of his effort to replace some of the rotting areas.

Not to discount Greg’s hard work on the deck of our home clean-up efforts, the most progress we had was for our seller client. The buyers of their property were turned down for their loan and the buyers’ agent sent us an Addendum which changed the terms of the original agreement. We made sure our seller client didn’t sign it and make a recommendation for what to do instead. 

All in all, I think everyone’s happy from the results of this weekend. Except our dog.