Claw Marks on Hardwood!

Rottweiler on a walk

Having a furry companion is a heartwarming experience but it comes with some home maintenance issues. In our case, the hardwood floors in our 1926 vintage home are in need of attention because of the big dopey Rottweiler we recently adopted.

Says Joe from Direct Sales Floors: “Our customers have had success with using a product like Pledge (specific for hardwood) on very minor scratches on hardwood floors. For more extensive scratch damage, a polyurethane finish can be used. At a local hardware store, you can match up sheen level to go with the type of hardwood floor you have. These do-it-yourself fixes can be attempted before getting the entire flooring sanded and refinished after you can’t stand it any more.”

Note: Take your dog outside for walks often. Their claws are sanded down by the concrete sidewalks.