My Bones to Pick About the Election

Not one to be turned on by politics, I have a habit of steering clear of partisan races and put more focus on what’s happening at the local level. This is why I will work very hard to help folks who are more “community-mined” than “political”. I love getting involved in local city council and school board elections because it’s NOT supposed to be about a candidate’s political affiliation but more about what they can contribute in their role as a local elected official.

Two local offices specifically affect the way property values and private property rights are taken into consideration: school board and city council. Recently, I commented in my local e-newsletter that city council elections are more “sexy” than school board elections, thus the number of educators who pursue a city council seat instead of a school board seat.

The bone I have to pick is with regard to the local media mentioning a candidate’s political party along with their bio. As a proud independent / non-partisan voter, I have no problem with this at the statewide or national level but not at the local level. Two things that I appreciate about a candidate:

1. Stick to the issues, not the politics. (My tendency is to support those who are not part of any greasy machine.)

2. Steer clear of negative campaigning. (If a candidate can stand on their own merits, they need not be negative.)

Remember, VOTE on November 6th!

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