Fellow Agents We’d Want To List Our House For Sale

After realizing that a huge chunk of our business this year has been by referral by fellow agents, today I was asked the question, “Who would you want to list and sell YOUR house?”

We’ve worked with some pretty awesome agents recently.  Let me tell you about what makes a great agent:

1. Responsive

2. Gives straight answers.

3. Does what s/he says s/he’ll do.

4. Takes deadlines seriously.

5. Pays attention to details.

6. Puts the clients interests first.

We’ve also worked with and come across some awful agents.  REALLY awful ones.

Here are some examples of some awful agents we’ve come across:

1. One agent screwed up on her buyers’ contract and made an accusation that we forged a contract term.

2. One agent sent buyer clients to our property listing without an appointment — AND with the lockbox key to let themselves in. BAD-BAD-BAD!

3. One agent made an appointment and then didn’t show up for nearly an hour. Upon rescheduling, he was late again and I had to track him down because the sellers were still waiting for him at the property.

(The lockbox was removed due to #2 above. The sellers refused to allow a lockbox after that incident.)

4. One agent who was mad that our seller chose a higher better offer called accusing us of contacting her buyers directly. (Um, first of all, I didn’t have her clients’ phone number and frankly, I wouldn’t waste my time calling someone else’s client. We have clients of our own.)

Needless to say, when it comes time to review offers in the future and these lousy agents make an offer on our listing, we have some background to give our seller clients. If all things are equal in submitted offers, we’d recommend that our sellers choose the offer written by the agent we know to have a great reputation.

Bottom line: Live by the Golden Rule and don’t be a jerk!