“He Said, She Said” Update

Photo of signage at property This was an interesting week. It was fueled by caffeine with early mornings and late evenings but invigorating. In addition to receiving numerous referrals of sellers with the desire to sell their properties and even a buyer referral from a  fellow agent, an offer submitted on a property not yet on the market, and we still managed to squeeze a lot more into the week.

What more we squeezed in included our community endeavors to help various local organization raise funds for their causes. From our Rotary Club’s Hallow Fest event to raise money for youth to AMVETS to helping at the animal shelter, we end the week with a quick visit to a property listing and then home.

So don’t bother us tonight! We’ll be resting up for a busy weekend of animal shelter volunteer work, a client dinner and a client housewarming party. If you’re curious about what we’re passionate about, CLICK HERE and join us!