Photography by Pam Esau on display through December 2013

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Photographer Pam Esau is a long time Hayward resident and retired from Cal State East Bay after spending many years in Accounting. After retiring she started working with shelter dogs and has been a volunteer at Hayward Animal Services for eight years. Photography has been her passion since she was thirteen and decided to encompass her love of animals and photography together.

She has found, when allowed, that shelter dogs tell a story with their eyes if we just pay attention. When some of them have to go to the big dog park in the sky, she photographs them to solidify their existence. They mattered and at least at the shelter were loved unconditionally.

She thanks you all for your willingness to support these amazing dogs.


Pam Esau’s photography is being displayed through December 2013 in honor of SantaCon Hayward 2013, a fundraiser in support of the Hayward Animal Shelter.

2 thoughts on “Photography by Pam Esau on display through December 2013”

  1. I salute the courage of Pam to look deeply into the eyes of these wonderful beings.

    I photograph rescued cats in order to help find them homes, and have ended up adopting four myself simply because I could not walk away from them….
    I do have a suggestion; maybe I am just not seeing it, but the location of the photography needs to be more prominent.

  2. Anna May

    Lory, there are a total of 16 portraits of Pam’s dogs on our collective Gallery Wall(s) in our downtown office. Please stop by for a visit by the end of the year!

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