Honey, where’s my stuff?

Sometimes I wonder if we as husband-and-wife business partners attract questions from other married couples who are “warring” with each other on what to do with their space.

Below is dialogue from a message we received today from friends, a fun couple we know. (My husband is smart. He likes to stay out of it, for the most part.)

"He Said, She Said"
“He Said, She Said”

QUESTION: “My wife and I are getting ready to remodel the kitchen AND now wish to include installing cabinets in two (small) bedrooms of our (small) house. Attached to this e-mail is an Adobe Acrobat file containing both a plan view and rendering of the cabinets that in Room B (10’ x 12’) make a LOT of storage space we need BUT, to do so makes the room unusable as a bedroom. Room A is her office. Are we decreasing the resale value by doing so? Or should we process (cost ~ 3-8K) with the idea that we can always remove part or all of the cabinets if and when we would sell? Advice?”

MY ANSWER:Well, you said it yourself that it is storage space that you need. You don’t plan on using it as a bedroom while you live there anyway, right? The first question to ask yourselves is, “How long will we live here to enjoy this investment?” In my opinion, the use while you live there trumps everything. Cabinets are temporary. It isn’t as if you’re tearing down walls. A quick opinion. Greg might have a different idea.”

RESPONSE:You confirmed what I have already pretty much formulated in my own thinking. No need for future discussion. I suppose that if were to sell, we could always show ‘as-is” and have removal of cabinets as a contingency / negotiable point.”

(I chuckled at the “No need for further discussion” line. I think I’ve used that one before…)