REALTORS® Code of Ethics: Duties to Clients and Customers, Article 1, Standard of Practice 1-13

Standard of Practice 1-13
When entering into buyer/tenant agreements, REALTORS® must advise
potential clients of:
1) the REALTOR®ʼs company policies regarding cooperation;
2) the amount of compensation to be paid by the client;
3) the potential for additional or offsetting compensation from other
brokers, from the seller or landlord, or from other parties;
4) any potential for the buyer/tenant representative to act as a
disclosed dual agent, e.g., listing broker, subagent, landlordʼs
agent, etc., and
5) the possibility that sellers or sellersʼ representatives may not treat
the existence, terms, or conditions of offers as confidential
unless confidentiality is required by law, regulation, or by any
confidentiality agreement between the parties.

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