REALTORS® Code of Ethics: Duties to Clients and Customers, Article 3, Standard of Practice 3-4


REALTORS®, acting as listing brokers, have an affirmative obligation to
disclose the existence of dual or variable rate commission
arrangements (i.e., listings where one amount of commission is
payable if the listing brokerʼs firm is the procuring cause of sale/lease
and a different amount of commission is payable if the sale/lease
results through the efforts of the seller/landlord or a cooperating
broker). The listing broker shall, as soon as practical, disclose the
existence of such arrangements to potential cooperating brokers and
shall, in response to inquiries from cooperating brokers, disclose the
differential that would result in a cooperative transaction or in a
sale/lease that results through the efforts of the seller/landlord. If the
cooperating broker is a buyer/tenant representative, the buyer/tenant
representative must disclose such information to their client before the
client makes an offer to purchase or lease.

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