“Pre-Hab” is a Growing Fad: You Heard it Here First?

"He Said, She Said"
“He Said, She Said”

For savvy and very busy sellers, hiring a “pre-hab” consultant or architect is wise. In recent months, two of our sellers’ listings enjoyed the services of a “pre-hab consultant”. The pre-hab consultant offered services ranging from simply providing a list of recommended items to fix, replace, or restore all the way to the full service option of managing contractors for a full top-to-bottom home “pre-hab”.

Yes! It IS a made-up term! The concept of “pre-habbing” is similar to getting dressed up for a party. We clean up, put on our best clothing, accessorize, accentuate our best attributes and GO. Sometimes we do it ourselves; others of us have an entourage helping us look our best and attract attention and suitors.

Our current Rolling Ridge listing is an example of a home that was “pre-habbed” at the behest of a savvy seller. We had other such sellers in recent months who hired the same “pre-hab architect”, as I like to call her. Between her, our photographer and our own “Art Director” skills, we put on a show when we list properties for sale.

I have to say, we thoroughly enjoy working with folks who take their craft seriously. Our photographer Lory Hawley and pre-hab architect Musette Profant make us and our listings look good in the eyes of our seller clients. We are lucky to surround ourselves with wonderful team members. They are kind, they are diligent, they are trus artists and they are FUN.

After all, if it isn’t fun, why bother?



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