Married nearly 68 years

ed and bonnieOn this Valentine’s Day 2018, here are words of wisdom on building a home and a life together from our dear clients Bonnie & Ed:

“In 1949 Ed asked me to marry him. It was on Valentine’s Day. We were married on Sept 4th the same year. Always remembering decisions were to be talked over together first, also when you marry learn to say “we” or “let’s”, or “us”. It’s the togetherness of  being married, nothing is “I” any longer it becomes “us” . It shows respect to your loved one.  The hills and valleys in marriage come and go but remember your spouse is a gift to you from God. It is also good advice to pray about big decisions first. God Bless you all. May 2018 be a very successful and happy year for everyone who has God in your lives.”

Bonnie (& Ed) Bovee